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Opening HoursWeekdays 8am – 5pm

OrdersOrder online or contact us for further information.

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Before you order

We highly recommend requesting a sample of our product/s prior to placing a full order. This allows you to:

  • test the product is fit for purpose;
  • ensure any labels or packaging fit the product dimensions (as dimensions listed are approximate)
  • check the colour of the glass and/or closure is suitable (as particular shades can differ to what is seen on screen)
  • test the intended use of the product, the seal, filling quantity to avoid leakage, trial sterilising method, ensure container style and appropriate material choice etc. and;
  • check the closure you select is fit for purpose – see closure information or contact us to help inform your choice.

Prior to filling

Please be aware that you will need to wash all products prior to filling. Our products are supplied clean, but not in a sterile condition.

Ordering online

New customers – Register your email address to create an account.

Existing customers – Login using your email address.

Updating your billing address or contact details – please contact us.

Adding or updating a delivery address – can be done during checkout.

Placing an order:

  1.  Browse the range through the Products dropdown menu or use the Search tool.
  2.  Use filters to narrow and refine your search.
  3.  Click on the closure icons displayed below the product image to see the options available. Detailed closure information is also available.
  4.  Select the product to see further detail and define quantities.
  5.  Add to Basket and Checkout.

Remember your customer code

When you register online you will be sent an email with your unique customer code.

Please remember to provide this code if you are making enquiries so we can assist you quickly.

Ordering via phone or email

If you prefer to order over the phone or via email then please get in touch. To be able to process your order we require the following details:

  1.  Customer code – if you have registered online your code is in My Profile
  2.  Name/business name and delivery address
  3.  Product code – listed on the product page online
  4.  Quantity you require – in individual units or the number of cartons/ trays


All of our listed prices are in $NZD and exclude GST.

GST and freight will be added to your total order cost at checkout.

Individual Individual units require picking and repacking which increases the per unit cost.

Carton/Tray For orders of less than 1000 units it is most cost effective to purchase carton or tray quantities.

1000+ units We offer a discounted unit price for orders of 1000+ of the same product. These are supplied unfitted and rounded to the nearest carton. Closures can be supplied separately. Please use the enquiry button on the product page to receive a quote.

Pallet Complete pallets are sold either bulk packaged or packed in cartons/trays. If your product is available in complete pallets we can offer a further discounted pallet price per 1000 units (unfitted). Please contact us to discuss.

Payment options

All online payments are processed securely through Paystation.

  • We only accept Mastercard or Visa for debit/credit card payments.
  • We accept direct debit payments through POLi which is available at checkout.
  • We can also accept direct credit payments to our bank account. This can be arranged when placing an order via phone or email.

Credit Account Facility

If you are currently an approved Credit Account Facility holder you may select this payment option at checkout and we will invoice you when your order has been dispatched.

If you wish to apply for a Credit Account please contact us to request an application form.

Please see our Terms & Conditions for more detail.



We aim to dispatch your order as quickly as possible.

Once your order has been dispatched our estimated delivery timeframes are:

  • North Island 1–3 working days
  • South Island 2–5 working days
  • Rural deliveries – please note these will take longer to deliver.

Our courier partner for all online orders is Castle Parcels. You will receive an email with tracking details once your order has been dispatched.

At Arthur Holmes we pack your order with great care to ensure your product arrives safely.

Collect in person

We offer collection in person from our Petone showroom. Please select the 'collect in person' option during checkout and we will email you when your order is ready to collect.

Tracking your order

  1.  You will be sent an email confirming we have received your order.
  2.  When your order has been dispatched you will get an email with tracking details.
  3.  You will get a final email when your order has been delivered.

Receiving your order

As soon as you receive your order please check the product against your email confirmation or packing slip to ensure it is complete and correct.


We ask that you let us know within seven days if there is a problem with your order so we can resolve it promptly. If you do not contact us within seven days, any replacements or returns will be at your own expense.

If the wrong product has been sent We will arrange a pick-up of the incorrect product and send out the correct product at no extra charge.

If the wrong product was ordered You will need to arrange and pay for the return of the incorrect product in order to receive store credit. We will then send you out the correct product and you will be charged for the shipping and cost of the new product, the store credit can be applied towards this.

Unused product returns We may be able to offer a buy-back of unused product at 25% less than the original cost. An Unused Stock Return Form must be completed and sent along with the return. Only products received within the last 90 days are eligible. A copy of the original purchase invoice will need to be included. We reserve the right to accept unused product returns at our sole discretion. Please contact us to request a return form. See our full T’s & C’s for further information.

Breakages If any product is broken during delivery please let us know straight away. We can credit you for the broken product or arrange a full replacement of broken carton/tray. We will arrange a pick-up of the broken carton free of charge.



A fine brush is attached to the inside of the cap and allows for accurate application of a product.


A two part safety cap which must have pressure applied to release the cap from the bottle.


A basic cap without a wadded inner lining.


A bar top cork has a flat plastic top and a natural cork shaft.


A flat top cork has a wooden top with a natural cork shaft.


A plain cork which is made with entirely natural cork, not synthetic.


A cap for beer bottles and other beverages. These are lined on the inside and need to be crimped on using a tool.


A press top style of cap that is easy to open and close. Best used on a plastic bottle that can be squeezed.


A pipette attached to the black rubber teat and cap offers precise application for various products including pharmaceuticals and cosmetic. Using a dropper closure for some essential oils is not recommended as it may cause the cap to unscrew.


A tampertel wadded cap which is fitted with an additional inner plastic plug. The plug reduces the bottle opening allowing product to drip out. These caps are suitable for essential oils, aromatherapy products and more. Depending on the thickness and viscosity of the fluid you may require a fast or a slow drip. We recommend requesting a sample to test your product.


A flip top is hinged and allows for easy product dispensing.


A food seal cap has no lining or wad.


A grinder top can be used for grinding salt and pepper. The top we offer fits our spice jar.


A variety of different lotion pumps are available including palm lotion pumps, cosmetic and standard. Cosmetic lotion pumps come with an over-cap or clip-on cap. Standard or palm pumps have lock down mechanisms to prevent pump movement until released. We recommend you request a sample to ensure your product is suitable for the style of pump as the thickness and viscosity of the contents can affect the way the pump dispenses.


A mist spray dispenses liquids as a fine spray. We recommend you request a sample to test with your product as some essential oils or fluids with higher viscosity can block the spray heads. We offer thick or thin dip tubes for some mist spray closures. Thin tubes will cover most fluids but heavier product can sometimes work more successfully with thick tubes.


A plastic screw cap is suitable for domestic use where long shelf life is not required. They do not provide commercial seal quality. To obtain a good domestic seal gently screw the cap to the jar when the contents is warm, then allow to cool completely. Be careful not to overtighten as this may cause the cap to stretch and pop off the jar thread.


A soft plastic cap which does not have a lining or wad.


A pourer cap should always be pushed firmly onto the neck of the bottle to set the pourer insert before screwing down otherwise the cap will not seal & the tampertel ring will break.


A cap which is suitable for the Quattro jar. These caps are ideal for preserving.


A roll-on plastic ball and insert is the budget friendly choice.


A roll-on metal ball and insert has a high end appearance and smooth consistent roll.


A cap with an inner plug which is useful for sauces that require dispensing in small amounts.


A spout cap is useful for accurately dispensing a product. The tip of the spout will need to be cut before use and can be customised to allow for more or less product to dispense. Over-caps are attached to the top or side of the spout and can be removed and placed over the spout opening.


A cap with a wadded polycel liner and a band on the bottom that detaches from the main cap when unscrewed. The band remains on the bottle so it is easy to see if the seal has been broken, indicating tampering.


A trigger spray is useful for dispensing liquids over surfaces in thick bursts.


A metal twist cap is ideal for packaging food or preserving products as it creates a vacuum seal when applied to a twist jar correctly. It is suitable for both hot and cold filling as an oxygen barrier is created. Read how to apply Metal Twist Caps.


A standard screw cap with foam wad polycel liner.


Beaded wax is designed to cover over the caps of large jars and bottles for aesthetic appeal. This wax is resistant to cracking and can be easily peeled off by hand without any mess. Please note the wax covering does not seal the product.   Read how to apply beaded wax.


A wine over-cap can be shrunk onto your bottle by applying a heat source i.e heat gun or even a hair dryer.

To purchase additional closures Take note of the closure options available for your chosen product in the dropdown menu on the product page. Use the Search tool to look up the closure description (e.g 63mm Green Twist). This will bring up the closure as an individual product. Then you can add single units or a carton of additional closures to your order.

To purchase a variety of closures You can purchase the unfitted product in the quantity you require and then add closures using the method above.

How to apply beaded wax

Please note that a beaded wax covering is for aesthetic appeal only and does not seal the product.  Read our guide for notes on how to apply wax.

How to apply Metal Twist Caps Twist top jars are ideal for packaging food or preserving products as their caps create a vacuum seal. The caps need to be applied correctly in order to produce a good seal.

Read our guide

Cutting dip tubes to length Dip tubes for lotion pumps or mist sprays are always supplied at full length, so you will need to cut these tubes to a suitable length for your product. Please  watch the video  for instruction if required.


How do I request a sample?

We can send you a sample for the cost of the freight charge. To arrange this please contact us with the product code (found on the product page) and your customer code found in My Profile once you have registered.

How do I reset my password? Please click here to reset your password using the link on My Profile page.

Where do you ship to? Throughout New Zealand, including rural addresses.

Do you sell closures (i.e. lids, caps) separately?Yes you can buy closures separately. 

  1. Take note of the closure options available for your chosen product in the dropdown menu on the product page.
  2. Use the Search tool to look up the closure description (e.g 63mm Green Twist).
  3. This will bring up the closure as an individual product. Then you can add single units or a carton of additional closures to your order.

How do I apply a metal twist cap correctly? Please read our twist cap guide or watch the video.

How do I cover the top of a bottle/jar with wax? Please read our how to apply beaded wax guide.

How do I trim the dip tubes to length? Please watch the video.

How many mls are there in a 1oz bottle? 28mls.

Are the plastic containers food grade? Yes all plastic supplied by Arthur Holmes is food grade.

How is Arthur Holmes considering sustainable business practice? We are striving towards sustainable business practice and recycle all plastic pallet packaging.

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